Chocolate San JoaquinSan Joaquín Private Reserve

70% Dark Chocolate

San Joaquin Reserva Privada is a robust, smooth, silky and sublime chocolate, which highlights delicate tones of fruity acids. Together, these produce a long, balanced cacao linger on the palette. It is a true tribute to the tradition and quality of Venezuelan Cacao, the passion and dedication of the cacao growers and the delicate blend of art and science provided by the El Rey family.

To craft this chocolate of limited and numbered production, we utilize a descendant of the great Ocumare type Cacao, originally from the north central region of Venezuela. Then, with painstaking care during each step of the industrial process, the result is a product that not only pays homage to this exceptional cacao, but becomes a point of reference on the short list of Premium Chocolates known around the world.